Under Construction

If I can get this infernal code to work in a way that my art brain understands, this will be the main hub for my webcomic, Starglass Zodiac.

It's something I've been working on for almost a decade at this point, and I'm really looking forward to FINALLY having a place to put it! Even just getting a proper site thus far has been... uh... frustrating! And for largely pointless reasons too!

I'm also finally making myself learn code so I'm not trapped by site builders that don't let me have the source code. That said though, I'm a complete noob at this and my brain hurts trying to figure it out. @_@ I'm a lot more accustomed to the drag-and-drop style simplicity of site builders, so it'll be a while before this place looks like anything presentable.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for stopping by too! I hope you like what you see when the site is ready to go. :)